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Finally, a realistic solution for teachers and parents who have tried everything with disruptive, unmotivated or struggling kids


Hi there.  For the past 17 years I have taught some of the most difficult, disruptive, underachieving students at all grade levels.  I’m talking about kids of every stripe: from unresponsive, head-on-the-desk types, to those with ADD or ADHD.  Even kids who threatened violence, or worse.

My methods for truly reaching struggling children were first born out of desperation, and then perfected over time as I learned what really worked versus what merely sounded like a good idea.

My approach and targeted strategies are a radical departure from unproductive theories put forth by well-meaning but ultimately misguided “experts,” many of whom haven’t stepped in a classroom for many years.

When applied with diligence, the results can be astounding:


"I am starting to enjoy teaching again …"

I have been using some of your strategies and wow! They are definitely working. I have seven children in a class of 25 who exhibit ADHD characteristics to a high degree. They are now no longer shouting at and accusing each other and are taking a bit more responsbility for their own behaviour. I am starting to enjoy teaching again. I can't thank you enough. Colleagues have been asking me what magic I have been working in this class as no one can cope with them. Thanks again for your wonderful material.

– Margaret McKay, Glasgow, Scotland, U.K.

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"Significantly easier . . . more rewarding …"

I used your methods when teaching a summer school class in the worst district in Long Island, New York. I was offered a job in this school immediately following the very successful class. I can already tell that the next 30 years until retirement are going to be significantly easier and more rewarding, thanks to you. How is it that your common sense wasn’t common to anyone else?

– Drew Smoller, Selden, New York

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Teachers in 38 countries around the world are now using my strategies to discover a simple, fortunate fact:  that student misbehavior isn't just an annoying disruption — it's a secret message the student is (unwittingly) trying to convey to you. And usually that message can be boiled down to two words: "Reach me."

Unfortunately, we sometimes never get beyond our own frustration to consider what our child’s misbehavior is truly about.

But when you’re able to “fly under the radar” of your student’s world, you not only find out what their problems are really about, but simple solutions reveal themselves naturally.  And then your career becomes what it was always meant to be: the most fulfilling endeavor possible as you forever change young lives for the better.

Here’s what you can expect when you download my free ebook
on classroom management:

You will:

     Eliminate disruptive behavior in your classroom forever by making a surprising “paradigm shift” that might profoundly change the way you look at teaching.

     Connect appropriately with your students on a deeper level. When you find ways to truly reach students, you’ll find classroom problems disappear as a matter of course. That’s because a child’s motivation to act out and cause problems goes away when you become an authority figure that he feels a connection with. I’ll show you the very best ways to do just that.

     Find flexible “work-arounds” that let your problematic students complete assignments using acceptable alternatives while at the same time meeting required standards. It’s not only possible, but imperative! I’ll give you my step-by-step plan to make this happen.

     Learn how to use physical proximity to your advantage. I’m not just talking about body language (which can be useful). I’m talking about leveraging the control you have in moving around your classroom while your students are seated. Where you stand or sit in relation to your most difficult students can have powerful effects! And in this day and age, you also need to know how to perform your interactions with complete appropriateness and safety.

     Use the easiest, most powerful and least expensive weapon at your disposal – your spoken words! A picture may be worth a thousand words, but just one well-chosen phrase can completely defuse just about any problematic situation you might face. I’ll reveal my best ones to you, giving you verbatim phrases and even the best tone of voice.
      Win admiration (and maybe even a little envy) from your teaching colleagues. I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve received over the years from teachers who get asked by other teachers how in the world they got a certain student to turn around! This happens because my techniques have the ability to reverse backsliding patterns that students can fall into.

      Look like a superstar in your principal’s eyes.

      Go home each day feeling refreshed instead of frustrated.

      Protect yourself from parents who claim you are dropping the ball with their child. I’ll show you that it’s really not that difficult to document your efforts while at the same time holding a child accountable without looking like “the bad guy.”

A final thought before you take advantage
of the free resources on this site . . .

Most underachieving kids want to turn around —
even if they might not act like it.

How do I know this?  Because I was one of those students myself.  As a child with ADHD who caused his teachers all sorts of trouble, I know what works and what rings false with these kids. And as a full-time teacher and former behavior consultant with a master’s degree, I am living proof that any child can make it.

All they need is a little help from you.  And you’ll find that you’ll benefit as much as your students.

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