Give me 6 minutes and I'll show you how any child can be more likeable, well-behaved and successful in school — easily and quickly, without threats, drugs or bribery tricks . . .


Are you worried about your child’s future because he or she doesn’t seem to “fit in”?  Or perhaps they are struggling in school when you know they could be doing much better?


Whether your son or daughter is already in trouble, or merely showing signs that something is amiss, I want you to take a deep breath and understand a couple important points:


Number one, you can do something about it, even if your child’s school doesn’t seem equipped (or even care) to give you the help you need.  To put it bluntly, many schools do not make it a priority to implement some simple strategies that can spell the difference between your child succeeding and failing.


Number two, most underachieving kids want to turn things around, even if they might not act like it.


How do I know these things? Because I’ve been there myself!  I have lived through this issue from every possible angle: as a child, parent and teacher


It’s true. Not only was I one of those “problem kids” myself, but for the past 17 years I have excelled in teaching some of the most difficult, disruptive, underachieving students at all grade levels. 


I’m talking about kids of every stripe: from unresponsive, head-on-the-desk types, to those with ADD or ADHD.  My methods for truly reaching struggling children were first born out of desperation, and then perfected over time as I learned what really worked versus what merely sounded like a good idea.


I was able to do this because as a kid with fairly pronounced ADHD issues, I know what rings false with these kids and what really works.


I’m living proof that hyperactive and other sorts of difficult kids can not only survive but thrive, and I’m here to tell you that your child can succeed, too.


At last, a proven approach that works over and over again,
without trendy psychobabble, scary-sounding drugs
, or bizarre gadgets


I'm not here to take a stand against the popular medications being used today.  Those decisions are always unique to each family.  But I will tell you that my approach and targeted strategies are a radical departure from unproductive theories put forth by well-meaning but ultimately misguided “experts."


When parents apply my approach, the results can be astounding:


"My son is 100% changed from his struggles . . . "

Your book has taught me many ways to deal with Zach and his defiance. I have tried some of your "amazing phrases" and they work!  I love your book, and refer to it often.  My son is 100 percent changed from his struggles in third grade.  While I can always use more advice as he gets older, I think I have finally opened up his "shell."   He is happier, calmer, more focused and aware, and a joy!

– Susan Todaro, New Castle, Delaware


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". . . my son is improving without meds …"

The techniques in this book have not only made my son better, but myself as well.  It has lowered even my stress levels dramatically.  I would reccommend this book to anyone without hesitation.  These techniques are a godsend and most importantly, my son is improving without meds.

– Patricia M. Lord, Lafayette, Indiana


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So, what is my secret?


It starts with this one universal truth: Every single underachieving child has hidden talents and skills he isn’t using nearly as powerfully as he or she could.


It's simple.  When you have a clear game plan that you know will work, you can help lead your child to overcome any obstacle.  Let me show you the five critical steps in creating a better life for your child right now.


Grab a free copy of my special report, "The ADHD Action Plan for Parents: A 5-Step Guide," and learn how to regain control and empower your child to a brighter future


Here's what you'll discover in this free resource:


Why you should never assume that “everything is fine” when it comes to your child’s education.


Who's really the one with the learning issue?  (My answer may surprise or anger you.)     

Why caring deeply for your child isn't enough.   

Why I almost quit the teaching profession (and what saved me instead).       

The two huge breakthrough realizations that allowed me to turn everything around.  (You can do this, too.)            

The final missing piece that makes everything possible for you and your child.   

Three strategies you can implement today to see instant results.       

The four myths that can undermine your best efforts, if you're not careful.       


The one catch to my entire approach.


The amazing thing is, once you know the secret to reaching your son or daughter, your child’s life and fortune changes forever — and you will became a happier, more fulfilled parent.


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